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Chicago sunset from Lake Michigan.


“Pic of the Day”  “Iron and Steel” by cb804

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You say tater, they say ‘artisanal’Tater Tots, a quintessential childhood nostalgia food, are going artisanal. Here’s a look at how three Chicago restaurants are putting their own spin on the spuds.

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Best Restaurants 2012: All this week, we’ve been bringing you Chicago’s best restaurants. Now it’s time for ‘best bites,’ some of the tastiest dishes the city has to offer.

What’s your best Chicago bite?

Photo: Italian beef at Michael Jordan’s — Stuffed with luxe, prime rib eye, cured and lightly smoked, this is the Michael Jordan of Italian beef sandwiches. Credit: Erik Unger


Best Restaurants 2012: Sometimes it’s better to ditch the white tablecloth and go with a more laid back dining experience. Here’s our list of Chicago’s best new casual restaurants, the perfect spots to grab a quick bite with friends and coworkers.

Check back tomorrow for our “best bites,” the dishes that will rock your culinary world.

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Best Restaurants 2012Yesterday we brought you our list of Chicago’s best new restaurants. Now, it’s time for the classics. Here’s a look at who manages the right blend of professional polish, comfortable surroundings and approachable menus.


Then vs. now: A look at what the country was like the last time the Dow topped 13,000 — On May 19, 2008, American Idol was still the No. 1 show on television, gas prices were actually higher than they are today and Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton were still battling over the Democratic nomination for president.

What were you doing the last time the Dow closed above 13,000?

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8 strategies for launching a brand presence on Pinterest:

Mood boards should convey a consistent image, not be a simple look book of your products. Scatter your products throughout the board, but be careful to make sure that you are also mixing external content which echoes your product themes.

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“Pic of the Day” — “Showtime!” by susanne.atzwanger

Do you have a Chicago-related photo you think is worthy of being our “Pic of the Day”? Submit it!

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